Application template


Application template

When submitting your application, be sure to include the following information:

Contact information

We need this information in order to contact you or publicise your work.

  • Name
  • Location (primarily for time zone)
  • E-mail
  • IRC name optional
  • Clojurians slack name optional
  • Twitter name optional

Project information

Tell us about the project you’d like to pursue.

  • Title
  • Synopsis: Give us a brief 1-2 paragraph description of your project, including details such as the problem you are trying to resolve and how you plan on solving it.
  • Qualifications: What experience do you have that prepares you to undertake this project?
  • Community benefits: How would your project help the Clojure community?
  • Deliverables: What quantifiable results should your project produce?
  • Schedule: GSoC officially runs from 30 May–29 Aug, a period of 13 weeks. Please create a detailed plan about what you hope to accomplish over this time, ideally in 1- to 2- week segments. This plan serves two primary purposes:

    1. It shows us to what degree you have considered the problem. We will be able to see if the schedule seems realistic and well-considered.
    2. If selected, it will serve as a way to track your progress over the summer. Granted, we all know that schedules can slip due to surprises within the project, and so long as you show consistent progress you will be fine.

Other commitments

As a GSoC student, you will be paid by Google to be doing full-time work on your project. As such, we need to know:

  • Does the GSoC conflict with exams at your university? If so, we can be flexible and adjust your project’s schedule accordingly. The important thing is to let us know early.
  • Do you have any other significant summer plans? Are you going on vacation or expecting to start a job? If so, please tell us how this will impact your project and how you plan to handle it.
  • Are you applying to any other internships (outside of GSoC) or summer employment? If there is a good chance you will decline an offer to work on a Clojure GSoC project in preference for something else, please let us now.

Other information

  • Why Clojure? We are curious.
  • How did you hear about Clojure and GSoC?
  • Have you developed or contributed to open source projects? If so, please tell us which ones and provide links.
  • Are you applying as a student to another GSoC organization? If so, please let us know. This will not impact your application with Clojure, but will help us out in the event that you are selected by us and someone else.